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Name: Surina
Birthday: May 8th
Obsession:Fahrenheit, S.H.E and TVB
Specialty: Graphics and icons
*I love comments and feedback!

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Date: Monday, August 2, 2010 || Time: 9:58 PM

hey everyone! sorry for the long hiatus! but i have an excuse, well as you can see a lot of my friend on my affliates don't work anymore i dont know the reason for that! but ive been competing in comps and trying to advertise my blog more so when i come back i can continue on with my graphics! so can you guys please do me a favour! on this site

they started hosting a comp to win a "Shinee lucifer album" and i really want this album badly! so if you guy wouldnt mind can you vote for NO.27! and i promise if you do i would come back to blogger world ASAP! :)

Surina :)

Thoughts. sorry.
Date: Monday, January 18, 2010 || Time: 6:09 PM

Hey everyone,
yes i havent been blogging for a couple of months, when i said i was only on hiatus for a couple of weeks. But during these couple of months, ive been thinking whether i should close this blog or keep it going. I still havent decided yet, cause recently my computer got restarted and everything on there got erased. So a lot of my projects and main documents got deleted, so im not sure wheter i should start a new blog or give another whole new look to"surinasblog". So this hiatus would keep on going, i dont know if it will last for weeks or months. But just hope for you guys could wish me luck! :).

Thanks for understanding!


Rosey Buisness FT Kara Hui, Kiki Sheung, Nancy Wu, Pierre Ngo, Ron Ng, Sheren Tang, Susan Tse, Wayne Lai
Date: Monday, July 27, 2009 || Time: 9:13 PM

Here are some graphics before i officially go on hiatus! LOL! iknow there abit late but its better then nothing! haha. Its not much this time, but next batch of graphics would be more!

**Please if you use these. i would
appreciate it if you credit me ether under. Surinas blog or surinas blog, obsession, thoughts and also please tell me on my cbox before you use them. Thanks.

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Thoughts. Going on Hiatus
Date: || Time: 8:27 PM

Hey affies,

surinasblog would be going on hiatus for a while.!! all requests would be completed during this time. But No new requests would be accepted. And during this time i would try to finish drama graphics.!! i dont know when im going to come back. but it would be too long. I will still reply to tags. So feeel free to leave a msg!!

Happybloggin everyone!!


Thoughts. R.I.P Michael Jackson
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2009 || Time: 9:47 PM

I just want to take this moment to say R.I.P Michael. Even though i wasn't a big fan of him, i am still very sad that our king of pop has disappeared from this world. He basically created pop music and the dance moves which you see today are invented by him. i still can't believe that he has left and passed away. But after watching his memorial, i know that he is now living in a more better place where he can be free. i know he will never leave our hearts.

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

thoughts. Celebrating 1st Anniversary!!
Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 || Time: 4:11 PM

Hey everyone,
today is my 1st anniversary for surinasblog-obsession-thoughts! this is a very happy day because i never thought that this blog would last for this long!! during this year, i have made many good friends through the internet. they have given me lot's of support and guidance which made this blog today.

When i first made this blog, this wasn't intentionlly TVB, Fahrenheit and S.H.E! it was actully about new movies and a stationary called "Smiggle"! and it was a blog no one knew about. but a lot of things changed during this one year.

Now i have expanded my blog, and made a request page to request for graphics (which i still need a lot of help with) but this blog wouldn't be here if it wasn't for hearts hugo. If you realised his anniversary was just a few days ago, this isn't coincendence, it was actully him who introduced me to blog. I thank him for that.

Thanks everyone who has been supporting me and being so kind to me through this past year.


Happy bloggin,

thanks hugo!!

Just Love II Ft Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Natalie Tong, Ken Wong
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009 || Time: 5:10 PM

I've decided that i won't do king of snooker and Men in charge graphics, because its been quite a while when it finished. So here are some Just Love II graphics, its currently airing in Australia right now. Hope you like it.

**Please if you use these. i would
appreciate it if you credit me ether under. Surinas blog or surinas blog, obsession, thoughts and also please tell me on my cbox before you use them. Thanks.

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